Apps and Tips for Travel Abroad

What to know before you go! Plan and prepare the perfect getaway to Europe with these helpful tips.

You have probably seen through my social media that my husband and I are in Switzerland! We are having such a marvelous time and I just don’t want to leave! For the first time ever since we have been on a trip, we did not have every second planned. Usually, I love to map out every detail of my trips and I was raised to always have a plan for every situation. But on this trip I was trying to get out of my comfort zone and just go with the flow. Typically, I have every tour guide booked in every town and honestly it felt so weird not to have this completed before we left for our trip. We decided to go to Switzerland because we found an incredible deal with sky miles and we were celebrating our 14th anniversary. Read on for my travel tips and great places to see in Switzerland!

I always have rome2rio app in my phone. It is an incredible app that can tell you any bus, train, tram, ferry schedule in the world. I find it so handy when you are traveling without an itinerary and everything isn’t planned ahead of time.

We use the Weather Live app every day for work because it can notify us when rain is coming and gives us a 30min-1hr heads up pending on how you set the notifications. This is also a very handy app when you are traveling so you know when to pack rain coats, umbrellas, and rain boots for the day. The weather can change at any minute so be prepared for anything and everything as you change altitudes and are out on windy waters!

We always love to have a local tour guide from wherever we are traveling. Tours By Locals is an incredible website we use a lot to help us find the best of the best local tour guides. Simply type in the city where you are traveling, the dates, and book away. They have incredible experiences available. It can be a little pricey to hire a private guide but we think it is worth a every penny. We used one for our trip through the Swiss vineyards, Vevey and Montreux and she took us to places that are not on the everyday list.

If you are traveling to Switzerland,  you must get a Swiss Rail pass. We chose the flex option for 8 days which allowed us to ride the trains, trams, ferries whenever we wanted. The SBB Mobile app is absolutely incredible and so so easy to use! It clarifies which platform, which train station, and the correct time table. But be sure to refresh the app 5-10 min prior to your arrival at the train station in case the platform locations will change. It happened to us several times during our trip. Of course, if we were going to a nice dinner we would Uber where it was available.

Any time we are traveling I always search on Instagram by hashtag the town where we are going and look at the top posts on Instagram. Often times, some famous blogger has been there and have been to the best restaurants and the most beautiful areas in that region. They have done the homework for you, it just may take a little time to look through their images!

I have found that when we are traveling out of the country, we need one day to adjust to the time difference. Growing up, I have many memories of traveling with my dad and he would make us stay up, with no naps, so our bodies quickly adjusted. I find this to be a great help when traveling across time zones!

What are your best travel tips or resources? Send me a message on Facebook or Instagram! I love learning new tips and tricks to make my trips even better!