Why You Should Hire An Interior Designer

Functionality, flow, and savings are just a few reasons to hire an interior designer when building or remodeling a home. Read why hiring a professional is a so important.

We are here to bust some myths about interior designers! Why do you need one? When do you need one? How will they completely change your home build or renovation? We are going to answer all those questions and more with the interior designers for our new home, Couture House Interiors. Andrea and Meredith from Couture were classmates at UGA’s design school and make quite the dynamic duo! Collaborating with them on projects has been so wonderful! When my husband Tommy and I started house hunting we knew we wanted Couture House Interiors to work with us on this project as well!

So, as we started looking at homes, we called them up to come along! Yes, you heard that right, I brought my interior designer along to house hunt! This is the first point I want to address, if you are calling an interior designer when you are ready to pick out throw pillows and tile- it’s too late! Andrea says many times, they are called in at the end of the building or renovation process and by then it is too late for them to work to their full potential. We love architects and have worked with some truly wonderful ones, but they approach a build or renovation from a very different angle. An interior designer has the design of your end goal in mind constantly to ensure that both form and function are considered in every decision to achieve your vision in the completed space. When an interior designer is involved from the very beginning, everyone is on the same page from start to finish. It’s an interior designer’s job to ensure the flow and functionality of your home matches the life style you live, and steps to make this happen start at day one. Having Andrea along on our house hunt helped us to know if the house we looked at was a realistic choice for the wants and needs of our new home. She helped us to find the best home with the most potential for what we wanted to do with it. This helped us to save money because we chose a house with the most potential!

Having an interior designer will actually save you more money! I know it seems impossible, but the work they put in on the front end of your project will save from having to correct mistakes and make changes later on. An interior designer can help work out all of the details prior to construction and create a detailed set of construction documents so the plan makes the most sense for your home. They then will help in choosing all the materials so that you are making the best selections for your budget. When an interior designer is involved from the beginning of the process, they will save you from having to make as many changes later on! Any change that has to be made after construction begins is called a “change order”. Every change order that has to be made will cost you money! From tearing down and rebuilding walls to switching out hardware, these are all costs that you can accrue during the construction process if you haven’t planned ahead. Having someone like Andrea helps to avoid these costly changes as they work hard to create a comprehensive plan for your home prior to construction.

If you are looking to hire an interior designer with the level of service that Couture provides, be sure they are a full-service design firm. They should have many team members who are formally educated in the field of interior design and have the tools to draft floor plans and conceptual renderings. Remember, there is a big difference between a designer and a decorator! Extensive knowledge in construction and project management are key! In addition to the more technical aspects of a project like ours, a full-service design firm will also make finish, fixture, and furniture selections ensuring that every last detail of a project is cohesive from start to finish! If your project is not quite as intricate as a full-scale remodel or new build, you may be looking for a “decorator” rather than “designer”. Decorators focus on aesthetics only and can be typically hired as a consultant to make finish, fixture, and furniture selections. The titles of interior designer and decorator are often used interchangeable as many people do not understand the difference. So be sure to do your homework and choose the best fit for your project!

Making decisions for your house on the front end of the process is going to save you time and money, so much so that not having an interior designer can cost you even more! Making an investment into a design professional on the front end of your project will change your entire experience! We are so happy to be working with Couture House Interiors and want to share all the tips and tricks of this process with you!