The Latest in Home Design Technologies: Canvas

Digitize plans for any room in seconds. The latest tool in design for DIYers, remodelers, contractors, and realtors.

The design team at Couture House Interiors has been working so hard to put together the new interior floor plan for our home! Many designers or architects spend countless hours measuring every inch of a home in order to draft an “as built” floor plan so they can begin the process of moving walls to create a new layout for a renovation. Recently, a new technology called Canvas has been released that has truly changed the industry. Canvas uses a 3D scanner connected to an iPad that then scans an entire home into its software system. This software is very accurate and eliminates the possible inconsistencies of human error. It truly is changing how a designer, architect, realtor, or contractor works.

What used to take half a day can now be completed in a couple of hours as Canvas scans each room of a home. This data can then be uploaded to various autocad programs. SketchUp is a 3D modeling computer program used for so many personal and professional uses. Once the specifications captured by Canvas are loaded into a cad program, a 3D model is built by the designer. For our home, the Couture House Team built a model of the existing home which is called an “as built” plan. From there they were able to manipulate the existing space to create a new layout for our home that meets all of our needs. The changes are incredible! The home has a much more fluid floor plan with curated spaces for entertaining and practical functionality.

Our wants and needs included more fluidity which they certainly delivered on! The traffic flow of the home is much better. Their ideas and recommendations are ones you can easily use in any home remodel. The home feels more connected but also does not seem like one large room as many open floor plans. The small doorways will be opened to larger openings so you can see from one room to another. The once choppy foyer opens into an inviting space that makes guests feel welcomed and leads into a guest powder room! The kitchen will be the heart of our home and our new kitchen will feature a large island and bar stools. Andrea says the kitchen “triangle” model is a trick of the trade that puts large appliances, sink, refrigerator, and oven/stove in a triangle shape. You want the appliances to be 4-9 feet from each other to maximize the functionality of a kitchen workspace.

Plans: Before

Couture House Interiors has reconfigured the entire home to maximize the functionality, flow, and aesthetics of each and every room. These plans give us a full idea of what our home will look like and we are so excited with the results so far! Our kitchen will be prefect for entertaining and it connects to our dining and cocktail rooms for perfect fluidity! Stay tuned for more updates on our adventure!

Plans: After