The Brimfield Antiques Show: Where to Stay, What to Eat, and How to Shop/Navigate the Show

After a week of fun I had to share my complete guide to the Brimfield Antiques Show in Brimfield, Massachusetts. Here are all the things we wish we knew to bring, eat, and more in one post!

I had never heard of the Brimfield Antique Show until my dear friends Kat McCall and Brittany Johnston told me it was the place to go for all kinds of antique gems. I absolutely adore Scott’s Antique Market in Atlanta and Brimfield is like Scott’s times twenty! I had no idea how big Brimfield really was until our arrival last week. I admit it was very overwhelming, but I am so glad we went in the middle of July. The antique show happens three times a year with July being the slowest of the three. We all agreed we were glad we came on this scouting trip in July because we were told thousands more come in May and September. A lot of the vendors said the fields are even more packed with other vendors in May which hardly seems possible with the number of vendors who were already there. But May is the best time to go so it looks like we will be making another trip then! On our first day we just walked through one field at a time to get our bearings. The markets open at different times throughout the day, so it is important to know the schedule well! Below read all my tips, tricks, and recommendations on how best to navigate this antique paradise!

About Brimfield Antique Show

The Brimfield Antiques Show happens three times a year. In 2020: May 12-17, July 14-19, September 8-13. The city of Brimfield has been the antique and collectibles capital of the United States since 1959. The event boasts 21 independent shows and thousands of vendors set up across several fields. Over 200,000 visitors come for the event all searching for great finds and rare and exclusive items that cannot be found anywhere else. One of my favorite things was the large amount of silver that is sold by vendors. Here are some photos of some of the things I came across.

Accommodations and Transportation

We flew into Bradley International airport and rented a car there from Enterprise. The airport is small and super easy to navigate. We knew we would be shopping so we rented a large suv Armada but looking back now with the shipping options offered on site we didn’t even need a large vehicle. We stayed at the Hampton Inn in Sturbridge and the location could not have been better! We were only 15 minutes from Brimfield and 45 from the airport. The location was perfect because some mornings we got up at 5:30 to show because some of the shows opened at 6. We wanted to be the first ones at the gate.

How to Shop

Before you start browsing at all, make sure you get a copy of the schedule! It will make you a seasoned expert even on your first visit. Unfortunately, we didn’t get ahold of this until Thursday, but it was truly a lifesaver. Also, grab a map of the fields. Brimfield is massive and you will need help navigating all the fields and shows.

What to Pack

You will be walking around for several hours at a time so you want to make sure you have everything on you that you might need. I would recommend a small backpack like this one here. Be prepared for all sorts of weather with a small umbrella and light rain coat, Dermalogica sunscreen, and bug spray. Although not pictured (because I ate them all!), snacks will be your best friend! I love these EO wipes and after coming in contact with so many people and handling all kinds of antiques you will be glad to have these. Don’t forget a reusable water bottle! In the rose gold case is a rechargeable battery pack. It will be a lifesaver! I packed super comfortable clothes and shoes for all the walking I knew I would be doing.

My Brimfield essentials

Where to Park

When you arrive at Brimfield there is no welcome tent or place to start! You drive through the town of Brimfield and all of the sudden there are tents on both sides of the road. We were so overwhelmed at the sheer enormity of it all! As you enter the town you will see the town hall on the left. My recommendation to you is to drive down the main road and park at the very end. If you refer to the map above, we parked next to Brimfield Acres North. Then we worked our way down to the main end. This helped us to create goals of where to go and to make sure we saw everything!

How to Get Your Antique Finds Home!

You will no doubt find some incredible items that you just have to take home with you and there are a couple of ways to do so. First is a company called Navis that sets up a tent on the show’s premises. They are right off the main road and are super easy to work with. For just $10, they have porters who will come pick up your item from a vendor and take it back to their shipping tent. They pack everything and will deliver to your home in just a few weeks. We met the owner of Navis and are confident that everything will make it back safe and sound! Navis also rents wagons to help you carry your items around the show! Your second option is UPS who also have a tent at Brimfield. They are located on the food court isle in the second tent on the right. They are very helpful and even shipped items out of the country for me and helped me to fill out all of the customs forms. People from all over the world come to Brimfield to find treasures so UPS can be a lifesaver. We even heard that teams from Ralph Lauren and The Warner Brothers were there!

What and Where to Eat at Brimfield

There is no shortage of places to eat at Brimfield or in the surrounding area. At the event there are a number of food trucks with fare ranging from Jamaican to Thai to gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches! After walking around for 5-6 hours you sure build up an appetite. They also have a food court of carnival fair type food. Whenever I am in New England, I have to get a lobster roll and this was the perfect place to find one. It was delicious! If you need a break from the fields, Francesco’s Restaurant is within walking distance with great Italian food, restrooms, and air conditioning. We ate at Sturbridge Seafood on our first night and enjoyed their incredible oysters and cocktails. The Publick House is an inn that has been in operation since 1771. It is an oldie and a goodie with beautiful flowers and great food. One day after an exhausting afternoon, we stopped for a late lunch at Cedar Street Grill. They have a wonderful cocktail menu and great scallops!

I hope you are able to make a trip to Brimfield soon and experience all the show has to offer! Remember, the next weekend is in September so now is time to book your trip. It is a wonderful destination for garden and antique lovers alike and most definitely will have something for everyone.