Five Calming Plants for Relaxation

With our world changing constantly, we are all looking for the positives and seek to continue to feel comfort and peace. While simply admiring the beauty of plants helps calm some people, there are some plants that actually aide in reducing stress. Today, I am going to share five of my favorites with you!

Lavender has so many fabulous benefits! You can use this herb in the kitchen, fresh growing in your garden, or dried. As most of you know, this is also a very popular herb used in essential oils. When used in essential oils, the benefits only continue to grow!

Research has shown that lavender can help aide in the treatment of not only anxiety, but also if you are having trouble sleeping. The soothing scent gives comfort in and of itself. Tension headaches, sore muscles and bug bites can also be treated using lavender.

With so many benefits, I highly recommend having this growing in your gardens! I always love to snip and clip mine.

Peppermint plants are also great for relieving stress or anxiety. The menthol contained in this beautiful plant triggers a calming factor which has been proven to relieve stress. Not only is the smell is amazing but this also makes a fabulous addition to any of your cocktails! (Cocktails which can also help relieve your stress 😉

Research has also shown that peppermint aides in keeping your mind alert, while also soothing you through of any stress you may be going through.

Very similar to lavender, jasmine is also a great aide for calming stress, anxiety or insomnia. Not only is it absolutely stunning and makes the perfect addition to your outdoor space, but it smells incredible as well! The scent is what helps give off such a soothing aroma for calming any stress.

Bring some inside of your home to help you fall asleep at night, you will get a great nights sleep!

Snake plants, sometimes referred to as Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, works as a fabulous stress reliever. This unique plant has incredible benefits for the quality of air in your home! If you scatter these throughout your home, it will help eliminate all of the bad toxins to prevent you from inhaling them. It also helps in sleep quality, anxiety and improving your energy levels.

Even more great benefits for adding this plant to your home are : it is easy to take care of, it requires indirect sunlight and it will grow better dry in between waterings!

The last plant I want to mention is the pothos. These are great plants for beginners who may have anxiety over plants to begin with! You do not have to have a green thumb for these beauties, these are very tough plants to kill. They also help remove bad toxins from the air, giving you better air quality overall.

A NASA study even confirmed these plants give you clean air from harsh toxins! I highly recommend placing one of these in your home for a relaxing ambiance.

From aroma to air quality, it is such a fascinating thing to know plants can give us such wonderful health and mental benefits. We can all use some calming, stress-relief plants in our lives and I am so happy to be sharing some of my favorites with you! Please share your favorites with me, I would love to know!
Happy Gardening!