Packing Essentials and Travel Hacks

What to pack on your travels and how to be ready for a picnic at all times!

After a busy summer full of some amazing projects, Tommy and I finally get to take off for a vacation! Where are we headed? To Switzerland! We are so excited for all of the great restaurants, gardens, and incredible views! We love to travel so much, and our trips are always a great way for us to make wonderful memories. Travel for leisure is one of our favorite things to do together and, combined with lots of work travel, we’ve learned a few travel hacks that I am excited to share with you!

Here are some of my must haves when I am traveling. You can find almost all the products on my Amazon storefront linked here. I don’t promote these to receive anything- they are just ones I truly know and love!

I have always been super organized, when it comes to packing, and everything must have a place! I enlist the help of great bags like these to keep all my systems in place. The bag with the brown handle is a Longchamp 21 inch expandable tote bag. It packs so easy that I can use it to bring home all of my laundry or souvenirs. The pink travel wallet is just the right size and can fit literally everything! Packing cubes are a must- they will help everything fit perfectly in your suitcase. And the small black case is a jewelry holder! Every single bag has a purpose and makes everything so organized!

We swear by these Briggs and Riley suitcases. We have for years! They may be a little more expensive on the front-end, but they will last forever!

Here are some more must haves: I am in love with these gorgeous Steve Madden Ancient Greek sandals! I have been burned so many times by hotel laundry services that now I just bring my own laundry essentials- like these tide sink packets. RXbars are such a perfect travel snack. Tommy and I love to picnic while we are abroad so having some disposable wine glasses are always a great idea!

I just love these customized toiletry bags! I remember my mom always packing our stuff in Ziploc bags for a trip and with these I stepped it up! These travel toiletry bags are Lenora by Dina Yang and are just stunning!

Okay, back to our picnics! We always pack a picnic kit so we can enjoy a meal wherever we are! A wine opener, utensils, and plates and napkins are always essentials. I also bring a knife wrapped in a towel and an ice pack that we can freeze in our hotel room. I think “Be ready for a picnic wherever you are” should be my mantra!

These laundry bags keep an extra set of clothes and a swimsuit for each of us. It has happened many times before where we arrive before our luggage and we always need to be prepared! Then they can be repurposed on our way home!

Here’s a peek at my packing cubes! I divide my clothing up by category- like this one holds my yoga pants and pajamas. I mentioned this backpack in post giving you the complete guide to Brimfield Antique Market. It is always a good idea to have a spare bag for day long excursions or of course, picnics!

This is my favorite perfume, Acqua di Parma. But instead of bringing the whole bottle which could spill or break, I spray some on a few dryer sheets and put them throughout my luggage to make everything smell amazing!

I’ve mentioned before how much I love Dermalogica’s products! This picture shows you how much! I actually keep two of almost all of my toiletries- one to use daily and another to keep in my bags ready for a trip. Also, I love scouring local pharmacies when I am abroad. Maybe it’s just me but I think their products are so much better! The patchology eye patches relieve puffy eyes and The Living Proof dry shampoo is incredible! I have tried so many brands but this one is amazing for dark hair.

Want to purchase any of these great products? Check out my Amazon storefront linked here for links to them all! What are your travel tricks or your favorite products? I’m always looking for new hacks or things to try! Send me a message on Facebook or Instagram, I would love to hear from you!