Best Plants for Gift Giving

Here are 5 easy-to-care for plants that make great and affordable gifts and are personalized for the holidays.

Looking for an easy teacher’s gift? Need a last-minute hostess gift? I’m sharing my 5 favorite plants to give as gifts as well as fun ways to dress them up for a personal and festive touch.

Plants are always a welcome gift, especially if they are easy to care for, and the suggestions below are all “black thumb” friendly:) Instead of bath products and candles, why not give a gift rom the garden!? For links to all of my ribbons, paint, containers and more see my Amazon link here.


I love amaryllis because it is SO easy!! Because all of the plant’s energy is stored in the bulb – it doesn’t require much care so you don’t have to worry about under or over watering. To dress it up, get a fun container, some reindeer moss (soaked in water) and place a few small pinecones. This is a thoughtful, unique ,and easy gift!

Paper White Bulbs

Buy these at any garden center. Fill a bulb vase 1/3 full with rocks. Lay the bulbs on top of the rocks and within a week you’ll see the roots form. In 4-6 weeks you will see the flower grow and bloom. This is a fun gift for children as they can watch the stages of flower growth through the glass.

Christmas Cactus

Easy and beautiful. Find a Christmas cactus, a beautiful container and just “plop and drop”! I like to dress my cactus up with some reindeer moss but that is totally optional. Christmas cactus are SO easy to care for and it’s a fun and affordable gift that will remind them of you when those gorgeous blooms flower! I love to add a little ribbon for that final touch. My favorite ribbons: May Arts linked here.


This is a fun and unique gift because it blooms upside down. It comes in white, pink, and red and I like to drop it in a glass vase. To add the holiday magic, I spray my glass vase with Rustoleum metallic spray. I also like to spray some simple branches with Rustoleum and stick them around the plant for an added wow factor and another layer of texture.

hostess gift ideas

Rosemary Topiary

For anyone that cooks or entertains, this is a great one! You can add a recipe card or a drink recipe card for ways that rosemary can be incorporated in the kitchen as an added personal touch. I put my rosemary topiary in an ice bucket which is an awesome “double gift”. If you add a few ornaments, dangling and inside the bucket, for some additional holiday cheer!

What are your favorite garden gifts to give and receive? How do you dress them up? Tell us in the comments and thank you so much for reading! Happy Holidays!