The Best and Easiest Houseplants

Easy-to-care-for houseplants that you can’t kill! Here are the 5 best houseplants…

I love love love my houseplants!! Houseplants are such an incredible way to “green up” your space any time of the year. There are so many different kinds of houseplants depending on your home, lighting, and temperature. I wanted to share five of my favorite houseplants that can brighten up any room! These can be found at most local garden centers or even on Amazon! I’ve linked my favorite houseplant care materials, the plants themselves, and pots here.

Snake Plant or Mother-in-Law’s Tongue

The infamous snake plant is a houseplant classic, with its tall dark leaves and sturdy structure. It is an incredibly hardy plant and is so simple to care for. It really only needs to be watered once a month or when the soil is completely dry. Do your best not to bend the leaves though, or they will snap!

Silver Queen or Aglaonema

This is such a fabulous plant! Tall and beautiful, the silver queen will be your favorite new plant. It has a gorgeous variegated green color She does not like direct or even strong indirect light but does best when placed 5-6 feet away from any light. Make sure your plant has good drainage because the silver queen does not like wet feet! Almost all plants do not do well with water sitting in the bottom of their pots. Aglaonema only needs water once or twice a month and is such an easy plant to care for!


While many houseplants are known for their greenery, anthurium brings a pop of color to your room. With beautiful heart shaped flowers, anthurium can come in colors from red to peach to white! The blooms last for up to six weeks and the plant itself is very low maintenance! She does not like direct light though, so does best when kept five or six feet away from direct light.


Pothos is a go to houseplant for so many people. Its leaves come in many shades of green and many are a beautiful marble color. It is such an easy plant to care for but be careful not to let its roots sit in water! I actually keep mine in a silver champagne bucket in my bathroom where it has thrived for close to a year! If you are new to houseplants, pothos is the plant for you!

Maiden Hair Fern

Maiden Hair Fern is another favorite of mine, but she is a very delicate plant. While many indoor plants thrive with little attention, maiden hair needs more love and affection than others. With my maiden fern, I don’t plant it directly into a pot, but instead set the plastic pot it comes in into a planter. This method allows you to keep water constantly at the bottom of the pot because the fern likes to have wet feet! This beautiful feathery fern does well in indirect light and if taken care of properly, will be a great addition to your home!

Houseplants are one of my favorite ways to bring more green into any space and can be surprisingly easy to care for! Pick out a few that will fit well in your home and be intentional about caring for them well. You can become a plant person in no time with these low maintenance beauties!