This is my plant haven! I put all my struggling plants here to keep them well watered.

Your kids are out of school for the summer, the heat has hit, and it is time to escape to somewhere cooler- or at least someplace with a beach! As you pack up for vacation and check things off your list there is one thing that might be really easy to forget- your plants! Before going out of town, it is important to make a plan for your plant’s survival while you’re away. It is the worst feeling to come back from a trip and see all your hard work wasted on dead plants. I have several things that I do when I go on a trip to keep my plants alive. Today I want to share these ideas with you!

Put your plants in the sink with some water to keep them alive!

For your outdoor plants here are my recommendations:
• If you are able, hire a friend, neighbor, or a student you know to come and water your outdoor plants. This way, your plants won’t miss a day of watering.
• If you have an irrigation system, gather all your potted plants in one place so that your sprinklers can hit them all every time.
• If you don’t have an irrigation system, invest in a drip tube system from your local hardware store. These systems only cost between $20-$60 and run on a battery powered timer connected to your water hose.
• Give your plants a lot of water before you leave, especially around the root ball. I don’t recommend doing this regularly because too much water can be bad for your plants but saturating your soil before you leave gives them water to drink while you are away.
• Give your foliage a drink as well before you leave.

Tips for Indoor plants:

• It is best to invest in indoor plants that don’t need a whole lot of water. Plants like pothos and birds nest ferns and succulents only need watering once a month which makes them perfect if you travel often.
• Before you leave, give your plants a lot of water to drink while you are away.
• One of my most used tricks is to put a couple of inches of water in your shower, bathtub, or kitchen sink. Then place your plants (still in their pots) in the water. Make sure your plant has drainage in the bottom to soak up the water! This gives them enough water to survive while you are gone. I have done this many times and very rarely have I come home to a dead plant.
• If you use pots without drainage, giving your plant 1-2 inches of water before you leave can give them enough to last until you water them next.
Self-watering bulbs are a great investment and work wonders on household plants.

Enjoy your summer travels and we hope our recommendations will allow you to come home to happy and healthy plants!

This is my favorite water nozzle, made by Dramm. I have had it forever and it gives just the right amount of pressure without damaging your flowers.


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