Like many big cities around the globe, New York City boasts a wonderful array of florals and landscape design. From window boxes to restaurant gardens, displays of local and international flora can be found almost everywhere. Depending on where the city takes you, there is something for everyone from botanical gardens to community gardens to flower markets. 

New York’s botanical gardens are perfect to visit regardless of the time of year. With conservatories and greenhouses, these locations allow for collections of tropical and even local plants and flowers to grow year-round. One of my favorites is the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. Its great location and reasonable entrance cost made it a perfect morning trip. I loved the detail put into each aspect of the landscaping and appreciated the thought that went into areas like the Shakespeare Garden. Its stunning Japanese garden with dozens of Cherry Blossom trees and large collection of tropical plants located within its conservatories makes it a perfect Saturday morning or late afternoon visit. 

A great way to capture the local landscape is to visit community gardens and parks around the city. Many of the gardens are run by the community and if you are a NYC resident you can contribute to these gardens on a regular basis. Jefferson Market Garden is a perfect example and my favorite garden I visited on my most recent trip to the city.  I spent over an hour here enjoying the peace and calm. Located in one of the busiest areas in the city, it is a wonderful place to take a break from the city rush. Including shading trees, a goldfish pond, and a beautifully designed walking path, community gardens bring the calm of nature to the City That Never Sleeps.

One way to bring New York’s florals into your home is through the countless flower markets such as corner bodegas, many of which offer bouquets on a daily basis.  Areas like Chelsea and Greenwich Village also contain a number of flower markets open to both professional florists and decorators as well as individuals looking to make a home arrangement. I loved how no matter which corner I turned on to, I was sure to find a well-designed window box or quaint flower market. The High Line in Chelsea is a perfect place to enjoy both the cityscapes and floral landscape. Whether you want to spend the day in an idyllic garden or pick up a bouquet on your way to dinner, New York City has something for every garden enthusiast. 

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