If I had to jot down a list of a few of my favorite things, you can guarantee that somewhere on that list you would find planting flowers, birthday parties, and happy, smiling children. Katie’s 10th Birthday Bash had all three! Katie absolutely loves to plant so when her parents, Jamie and Melissa Keating, told me that she wanted to have a planting party I was super excited to help out. Katie’s love for planting combined with her great sense of humor led to the party’s quirky theme: “I Mustache You to Come Plant.”


How did we pull this off, you ask? Easy!

All you need in order to have a planting party of your own:

1. Pots (We drew faces on ours—complete with mustaches, of course!)

2. Plants: Red Geraniums, White Bacopa, and Bright Green Creeping Jenny

3. Soil

4. Worms (The kids love it!)

5. Mustaches for all of the guest

6. The birthday girl’s favorite desserts: milkshakes and root beer floats!


I had an absolute blast and I know that the birthday girl did too! How could she not with the lovely Sara Monty on her team creating all of the super fun place-mats, signs, photo-booth, and all of these fabulous photos. Also, you know the menu is going to be insanely perfect when your dad is the owner of EPIC, which for Katie, just so happens to be the case. In other words, this mustache bash meets planting party was a definite day to remember!

Happy Birthday, Katie! Thanks again for letting me be a apart of your special day!


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