How to Get Your Garden Ready for Spring

No matter where you live, take advantage of late winter and get your garden ready for spring. After winter, especially if you have one with heavy wind, rains, or snow, your garden is going to need some extra love and attention!

Here are my five tips to getting your garden ready for new growth.

1.Clean up – go through all of your beds and lawn and remove any debris, such as fallen branches, pinecones, and leaves.  Take a look at the beds and see if the leaves or mulch is too high. Too much mulch can suffocate your plants! If you have too much mulch remove or replace.

2.Prune all trees and shrubs except for spring blooming shrubs. My basic rule of thumb is that if a plant flowers before mid- June prune it after the spring and after it flowers.  Wait until they are done blooming! Now is not the time to prune your azaleas or anything that blooms in the early spring. This time of year, I always prune my limelight hydrangeas!

3. Fertilize the beds as new growth starts to appear and examine what is planted in your beds. A few of my favorite fertilizers are azalea fertilizer and all-purpose organic Nelson plant food.

4. It is never too early to start weeding!  I like to do this after it has rained because the soft soil makes it so much easier to pull up the weeds.  Use a pre-emergent in the beds to help keep the weeds back and make your job so much easier this spring or summer.

5. Clip and clean your perennials. Remove any old and dead branches and leaves so your perennials can focus all their energy into the new growth. 

Give your garden the love it needs so that your spring and summer gardens are thriving!