In my line of business I am both blessed and cursed with the need to travel. While I love experiencing new places, traveling from one place to the next often proposes some challenges. With the weather being abnormally cold—and snowy and icy—it has become increasingly clear to me how important it is to be prepared for any and every situation when on the road.

gpi photo-9 car

As you can see, the Grove Park Inn and the long road home were both covered in snow. Thankfully, my friends at the Grove Park Inn provided me with a travel kit for my drive home and the inspiration for today’s post. I made it home safely and then immediately made a safety kit of my own to keep in my car at all times.

1. Food


2. Water: Keep at least 2 liters in your car at all times.


3. First Aid Kit

first aid

4. Toiletries


5. Roadside Kit (and a cozy thermal blanket from a friend!)


6. Cat Litter: Sprinkle around tires to get your car free from the snow.

cat litter

7. Ziplock bags and trash bags


8. Extra pair of clothes (not pictured)


Happy driving! Be safe!

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