Get Your Lawn, Trees, and Shrubs Ready for Spring

Gardening season is upon us! Here are my top tips for preparing your garden for new growth this Spring and Summer.

As you are getting your gardens ready for Spring and Summer you also need to prepare your lawn, trees, and shrubs for a season of growth. If your yard has seen a lot of severe weather over the winter, it will really need this pre-spring pick me up! I’ve narrowed down my yard to-do list to five main things to do to get your lawn, trees, and shrubs ready for spring and summer.

Lawn prep is essential to make sure you are able to enjoy a bright green and weed free yard for the rest of the year. A yard that is missing out on nutrients will not thrive during the warmer months. Here are three things to do to get your lawn spring and summer ready:

  1. Get your soil tested. This will tell you how much lime and other nutrients to put down and what type of fertilizer you need to use. The best way to get your soil tested is to send a sample to Cooperative Extension Service (CSREES). CSREES is normally affiliated with a state university.
  1. Pre-emergent needs to be added to your yard prior to the grass starting to grow again. Rather than killing already grown weeds, pre-emergent kills the weed seed before the seed even has a chance to germinate. The best time to do this is during February through March.
  1. You won’t need to fertilize until your grass starts waking up, but it will be here before you know it! Your soil test will tell you what exactly needs to be added to your soil, but make sure the fertilizer you buy is high in nitrogen, low in phosphorus, and medium to low in pot ash. If you haven’t already limed your soil, the time to do it is now! This typically is done in October, but if you missed the fall deadline you can do it in early spring.

Although your trees might not seem to need as much attention as your grass, giving them some attention is just as vital!

  1. Make sure to prune your trees and shrubs. Pruning cuts back old or dead growth and allows your plant to spend all its energy on new growth!
  1. Fertilize every three months in growing season. Trees need that extra boost of nutrients, especially as the ground begins to wake up. Make sure to fertilize your oaks, willows, ash, maples, pines, mulberries, yaupon, hollies, oleander, viburnum, boxwood, cleyera, spirea, nandina, and loropetalums. These types of trees especially need that extra boost!

As warmer weather starts creeping back in, make sure to spend some time in your yard to get it ready for Spring and Summer!