Five Plants for Deer Resistance

While deer are such beautiful animals to watch wander throughout nature, they are no fun to have hanging around your garden. Especially when they get into eating your beautiful plants and start disrupting the landscape design that you worked so hard to create. I have shared my top deer resistant product hacks with you before, but today I want to share five plants that are actually resistant to deer themselves! These are great to add to your garden to turn the deer away from entering at all.

1. Lavender – While this beautiful fragrant herb has such a pleasant smell to some people and is also a wonderful addition when used in essential oils, it is not on the top of the menu for deer. The strong fragrant scent is actually one of the main factors that cause deer to stray away from eating it.

Thrives in full sun.

2. Catmint – This is another beautiful purple perennial herb. As many of you may know, deer use their senses to spot danger. I recently read an article explaining the way these fragrant blooms mess with their sense of smell, therefore they do not go in the area since they are unsure whether or not danger is near. You will see the smell factor being a big trend in the plants we are sharing with you today!

Thrives in full sun.

3. Bee Balm – Did you know this is in the herb family? It is actually a part of the mint family. It’s edible too! It’s grown to attract bees so that they can pollinate. However, this is another plant that the deer do not like to nibble on! This is because of the aroma of smell that this beautiful perennial gives off. If you are trying to attract butterflies, hummingbirds or bees – this is for you!

Thrives in full sun.

4. Russian Sage – Yet another beautiful fragrant perennial. This one is no exception to the resistance of deer. The scent is still the main factor keeping them away! However, this one does attract the hummingbirds and bees! So if you would like to see these beautiful creatures in your garden, this one is perfect for you!

Thrives in full sun.

5. Lamb’s Ear – Deer are not a fan of spikey or fuzzy plants and Lamb’s Ear has both of these qualities. While it’s not necessarily spikey to us, the deer often characterize it as such and will stray away from eating it. This is another beautiful perennial that is great for ground cover for the border of your gardens or in your rock gardens!

Thrives in full sun to part shade.

All of these are great plants to include in areas throughout your garden if you want to keep the deer away! They are also easy to care for.

Do keep in mind.. if they are hungry enough, a deer will eat just about anything. However, is definitely worth giving one of these plants a try to see if they will work for you!

Happy Gardening!