Welcome, gardening newbies! I hope this post will enable you to get your garden started. And while I have created this post with beginners in mind, seasoned experts are always welcome. Gardening is all about growth, and there is nothing wrong with seeking a little advice every now and then.

Today, I am sharing with you all eight gardening tools that will help you help your garden grow. I believe these tools are essential, whether you are a fresh-faced newbie or have been cleaning dirt out from under your nails for years.

8 Gardening Tools for Beginners 21. Squeegee bucket – As you have probably noticed, tending a garden takes a few different tools. Having a bucket on hand makes all the difference when you need to haul them all around. Doubles as a watering can too. Trust me on this one—it’s worth it!

2. Gloves – The most important tools in the garden are your hands, which is why you need to protect them with a good pair of gloves. I like for my gloves to be fitted so that I can really feel the plants that I am working with. Second skin garden gloves are the absolute best! They are crazy comfortable and they dry really fast.

8 Gardening Tools for Beginners 3

3. Garden hose – Even beginners know that plants need lots of water to stay alive. The easiest and most effective way to keep your garden nice and green is with a garden hose. Any hose will do, but I just had to go with the Premium Garden Hose from Frontgate. The copper color is so stylish!

4. Tarp – A tarp may not seem like a necessity, but gardening can create such a mess. I always keep a cloth tarp on hand for any spontaneous planting projects. Just plop ‘n’ drop one wherever you feel like planting and it will help make cleanup that much quicker.

8 Gardening Tools for Beginners 4

5. Boots – Having a good pair of boots in the garden is important for a couple of reasons. For one, they keep your feet dry, and if you are anything like me you cannot stand having wet feet. A good pair of boots also gives your body support and keeps you from slipping and falling. Lastly, boots are cute! I am a huge fan of Hunter rain boots and I want a pair in every color and every design.

6. Pruner – One of my favorite things about gardening is sniping ‘n’ clipping blooms. There is nothing quite like a house full of fresh flowers, and the PowerGear2 Pruner by Fiskars is my go-to partner in crime.

8 Gardening Tools for Beginners 5

7. Yard butler – A yard butler is like a gardener’s double-edged sword—one side is a trowel and the other side is a tapered pick. My absolute favorite is the Manufactum forged short hoe, which works double duty by allowing you to loosen soil and dig new holes without ever switching tools.

8. Tray – I am always looking for ways to incorporate more copper elements into my garden. So why not use a copper tray? A tray is great for giving your plants a place to drink before planting. Just add a little bit of water to the bottom and your plants will be good to go.

8 Gardening Tools for Beginners 1

Investing in quality gardening tools is like purchasing well-made clothing—it might cost you more upfront, but, like your wardrobe, you want tools that last!

Photos: Mercy Morecraft

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