Summer is almost here! We’ve already started to feel the heat here in Georgia, and now is the perfect time to plant for summer. Here are my 6 go-to plants for color that will last all season long, even in the intense heat. These plants will thrive in both containers and landscapes; check out the video for more details on which plants to pair in containers.

  1. Dragon Wing® Begonia: This shady lady produces beautiful blooms and will grow 3’ x 3’. The pink and red varieties are my favorite. Shade | Annual
  2. Vinca: An oldie but a goodie, non-trailing variety grows about 2 feet tall, straight up. If planting in a container, these beauties can stand on their own. Full Sun | Annual
  3. Landmark™ Lantana: An aggressive grower, this plant will takeover in no time. This could be a single star in a container, but also great in landscaping because it grows so quickly. See other examples of how to use Lantana here. Full Sun | Perennial
  4. Rosemary: Perfect for the summer heat, doesn’t like wet feet! Add as texture to a container, or use as a border in your landscaping. Rosemary grows where strong women live, so we love it even more!
  5. Sunpatiens®: Just like the name suggests, these gals love the full sun. Another aggressive grower, these work best as a standalone in a container. You can also plant in a grouping for added color in the yard. Warning, she’s a heavy drinker – make sure she gets plenty of water! Full Sun | Annual
  6. Joseph’s Coat: You may put up your coats for the summer, but Joseph’s Coat is perfect for the high temperatures! I love the chartreuse green, which complements any other color! This plant grows wide, not tall, so perfect for layering with taller plants in containers and landscapes. Full Sun | Annual

Remember to always plant in good potting soil, even in your landscaping. Check out the video for more details, tips and tricks on how to plant successful summer color in your garden!

And proof that I love these plants in my own garden:

2015-05-09 06.48.21

My Dragon Wing® Begonias in full bloom last summer. “Turkey the Chicken” has quite the setup!

2015-05-09 06.51.02

Joseph’s Coat and Sunpatiens® create a beautiful border in my backyard.

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