6 Perennials to Plant in Fall

Tips for planting fall perennials that will show off in spring and summer.

It. Is. Time! Time to plant your favorite perennials. Perennials are those plants that come back year after year, rather than annuals that have to be re-planted each year. Fall is the best time to plant so many garden favorites because the cold season allows the plants to grow their roots in peace. One a good root system has been established, the plants are ready to show off come spring and summer! I met recently with Lanie of Thunderwood Farms and we talked about our seven favorite perennials to plant right now!

Phenomenal Lavender


While regular lavender often dies from over watering or soggy winters, Phenomenal Lavender can survive the wet winters we have down south. If you plant now, you will even see blooms your first spring season! This strain can be hard to obtain but really will flourish come spring. The leaves exhibit silver hues among the light green colors and of course the blooms are that classic lavender shade. Bees love these plants as they are a great pollinator and they can grow 2-4 feet in height. After the spring, cut back the dead blooms to ensure a great show the following year. I have this variety growing in my garden and it is growing so well! I adore it!

Ditch Daisy


Known for its toughness and ability to grow anywhere, hence the name Ditch Daisy, this plant has gorgeous fall color. Unkept the Ditch Daisy can grow 7-8 feet tall, but one of the best variations, Autumn Gold, will keep to a 2-3-foot maximum height. The yellow fall blooms bring wonderful autumn color and tends to bloom in the south in October and November. Plant now to enjoy all next fall!

Lenton Rose


This is one of my absolute favorite flowers! The variation in color is so unique to each plant and can be used in so many arrangements. It is a low growing plant, typically staying under 2 feet. It is a hard plant and also deer resistant. There aren’t many of my clients who don’t have these in their yards! They start blooming around Lent, as you might have surmised from the name, and the blooms can actually last for several months. I love how the flowers age right there in your garden. They are great in shade, but some variations can handle Georgia heat and drought very well! I advise waiting until its second year to pick any blooms so you can enjoy it fully for years to come!

Texas Sage


Another hardy plant to get in your gardens now. It has woody stems with petite blooms and leaves. Another deer resistant plant, it will also attract humming birds and butterflies to your garden. They can be quite prolific in your yard and are great for layering.

Bee Balm Monarda


A fun little plant that likes to stay close to the ground. Other variations like Jacob Cline, can get taller but I love how low the Bee Balm stays. The flowers have a fun shape and are actually 2-3 inches when in bloom! They are a North American Native so thrive here in the Georiga climate. They are a member of the mint family and are just a great hardy plant to have!



Lastly, we have Stokesia, the Peachy’s Pick variation. This little guy has a gorgeous purple bloom with a white center. It tends to thrive from May-June and can add needed color to any space!

Get out in your gardens soon and begin planting some of these perennials to enjoy all year long! Let your plants settle in for these colder months and only fertilize AFTER the first frost. Fertilizing during the plant’s dormant season can encourage it to actively grow, only to be killed by more frost. This practice of planting in the fall for the coming year is called vernalization and is crucial for any thriving garden. Plant your perennials and enjoy the fruits of your labor for years to come! I love to plant perennials in our garden and in my client’s garden! They add so much texture and beauty to any space!