5 Minute Cyclamen Container Garden: The Ultimate Hostess or Teacher Present

Easy, beautiful, and personal – cyclamen the perfect holiday gift!

Cyclamen are my favorite indoor blooming plants for the cooler temperatures. With incredible upside-down blooms that last for around 8 weeks, cyclamen make a great holiday gift. Also, they thrive in colder weather so they look great in outdoor container gardens like the one I did on my previous blog post linked here.

A few tips and tricks for keeping your cyclamen happy:

  • water from the root system, not over head, as they like to drink from below. No need to over-water…a half inch of water at the bottom of the vase is just right
  • add one Miracle Gro stick, which will last 6 weeks, as a great way to “feed” your cyclamen
  • full sunlight

For all the materials used in this DIY: Shop my Amazon Store here.

Here are some great options for gifting a cyclamen this season with an extra bit of holiday cheer and a personal touch:


Simply take a round glass vase, a cylinder would work too, and line the outside edges with moss ribbon. I’ve linked this ribbon and all of these DIY materials here. Measure your ribbon before cutting and add an extra inch or so to account for the cyclamen adjusting that ribbon just a bit. Next, plop your cyclamen right inside the container and now your cyclamen can drink from the bottom and you’ve got a beautiful and unique gift!


Place your cyclamen in the center of the vase and then place the birch logs or cinnamon sticks vertically around the edge of the vase. You’ll want to measure your logs or cinnamon ahead of time to fit your vase. Let them protrude over the top of the glass container and nestle the leaves of the plant between the sticks for a really natural look.

Now adorn your gift with a beautiful bow and don’t be afraid to stick with natural colors. I love beige, golds, and silvers in the holidays so that this gift can stick around past the holidays. Also, add a fun gift tag with care instructions so the recipient feels confident to care for this beauty.