DIY Terrarium with Alexa

All of these items can be ordered on Amazon! Garden hands-free with your Alexa device.

How much fun are DIY projects? The most fun, right? This week I got the pleasure of traveling to Nashville to meet with a long-time friend of mine, Meryll Rose. Not only did I get to show her the neatest new technology we are now featured on, but also how to create a super easy DIY indoor terrarium.

Did you know that you can now launch Carmen Johnston Gardens on your Alexa? You can then follow along for easy tips and tricks or DIY projects in the comfort of your own home! We are the first in the gardening category who use this technology! What makes this so neat is that it is completely hands-free, so while you have your hands busy working you can still follow along.

Now let’s get to creating! This DIY terrarium is so fun but also so easy to make. One of the best things about it – you can use things from your own home! For example, I brought a cookie jar, a lazy Susan and a turkey baster from my kitchen. If Amazon is your preference, have all of these items listed here, shipped straight to your door!

To create this terrarium, you just follow these three easy steps:
1. Create your layers – Rocks, moss and good potting soil are great choices for layering. Just
remember that choosing the right potting soil is a must!

2. Plant – I recommend using three plants and always placing your tallest in the center.

3. Decorate – Let your creative juices flow! Incorporate all of your favorite things – from
garden decorations like a lizard, all the way to a toy car for your children!

One of the neatest features about this DIY project – it is completely customizable to your taste
and style. From the plant style you choose; whether it be a tropical selection, bulbs or
succulents. All the way down to the decorations you incorporate, you can make it your own!

This makes it so fun for the children when they are helping you design! As soon as you tell them that they can choose the color of sand used or even put their favorite toys in for decoration, they will be so excited to help.

You are all done! You just created your own ecosystem in three easy steps. Now all you have to
do to take care of your indoor terrarium is to use a turkey baster to water and enjoy!
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Special thanks to “Talk of the Town” for featuring us on your midday show, linked here! Happy gardening!

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