Spring Window Box DIY

We are so close to spring being just around the corner, so I wanted to share with you some of my tips and tricks on how to make a fun fabulous window box! The window box I’m using I have had for a really long time and it is a personal favorite. Of course, you want to find your own personality driven container! I’ve had this box for 8-10 years now and it is made from copper. One thing that is super important about it is that it has really good drainage! Make sure when you buy a window box, if it doesn’t already have good drainage, to drill a few holes in the bottom. A quick tip for your flowers, when you buy the plants, choose ones that haven’t fully bloomed yet. This way the blooms will last longer in your creation!

Ingredients *All ingredients can be found on my Amazon store: click here*

  • A personality driven window box
  • Good potting soil
  • A topiary- I chose a round rosemary topiary and shaped it into an egg for this spring container!
  • Blooming yellow daffodils
  • Baby irises
  • Yellow tulips
  • Pink hyacinth
  • Primrose
  • Hanging Easter eggs
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Reindeer moss 
  1. Start with a layer of soil in the bottom of your box
  2. Next remove your topiary from its pot buy giving the sides of the pot a quick squeeze. My Easter egg topiary is going to be the center of my window box. Whenever I make a window box I like to have a focal point and for this box, it will be the topiary.
  3. Next we will anchor the topiary with gorgeous yellow daffodils on each end of the topiary. I’m starting with something tall in the middle and working my way down in height. This is just one of my tips for window box success!

4.Then I add my hyacinths, one on each side. Mirror each side of your planter against the other. Next add your irises and then primrose.

5. Make sure as you put in your plants that you fill in the holes with dirt to at least two inches below the top of the container.

6. The final plant I add are the tulips. When I got these tulips, I removed all the soil from the bulbs and they have actually been sitting for about two weeks and still look great! With the soil gone you can add tulips all throughout your box.

7. Layer reindeer moss on top of the soil. Make sure you submerge the moss in water before using so the moss stays nice and fresh. Finish by adding some ribbon or hanging Easter eggs to your topiary!

This window box does great in full sun so put it on your porch somewhere where the light really hits! This box will last a good few weeks so it is great to start a couple of weeks before Easter. I just love creating window boxes that are perfect for each season and I hope you enjoy this fun DIY. Happy Gardening!

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