Quick Evergreen Wreath DIY

An easy way to create the perfect live holiday wreath.

Everyone is always asking me how do you make those beautiful and amazing wreaths? Wreaths can sometimes be a long and arduous process but with this secret I am about to divulge, your holiday wreaths will be forever changed! Here is my tried and true secret…I use a faux evergreen wreath! I know, it seems like a decorating faux pas but it honestly is a lifesaver! You can find one almost anywhere, Walmart, Amazon, Home depot, you name it, but the key is to find one with plenty of branches. You can also use this for evergreen on mantles and other décor.

All materials for this DIY can be found on my Amazon store linked here.

We hunt everywhere for the perfect greenery and some of the best accent greenery is eucalyptus, cedar, magnolia, or pine. For my wreath at home I used magnolia and pine, and the magnolia I actually clipped in a Walmart parking lot! Find evergreens that are local to your area that you can clip locally.

My tricks to evergreen care are some easy steps you can follow. First, make sure you soak your green’s stems in a bucket of water at least overnight but preferably for 24 hours. Throughout the season, spray with a mist of water weekly or twice a week to keep fresh. The greenery can become “crispy” or dry throughout the season. Lastly, spray with green glo to give it a gorgeous shine and it will last much longer.

Start by spreading out the branches of your wreath so it isn’t all smushed together. Clip branches of magnolia to about 8 inches in length and gather together in small bundles. Using the branches of the wreath almost as twist ties, secure the magnolia to the wreath! Repeat all the way around the wreath adding bunches of magnolias. Do the same with clips of pine branches, sticking throughout or securing with paddle wire or the wreath branches. Finish by sticking dried limes onto evergreen branches to secure. You can find those linked here.

This beautiful wreath can be hung indoors or out and will truly last all season! It is great over your fireplace or on your front door. The best part about this wreath is that you can add other décor to elevate throughout the rest of the season. You can also use various greenery that you have locally. Tune in to a blog coming soon on how to elevate this wreath for Christmas!