Holiday Evergreen Wreath Tutorial

Recently I shared with you my easiest evergreen wreath, made using a faux wreath and clipped greens. Today, I want to show you how to elevate that wreath to use throughout the holiday season and into Christmas! Again, this is an easy DIY, taking only 10 minutes or so. You’ll need the wreath made in my previous blog found here, some various shatterproof ornaments, and some paddle wire. Let’s get started!

Shatterproof ornaments will forever be your best friend during the holiday season, we use them every year in our client’s homes. From trees to garlands to wreaths, shatterproof ornaments will ensure your décor lasts throughout the season. They are also very lightweight which allows you to use lots of them on a single branch. I love Krebs Christmas ornaments; they are gorgeous pieces! The green ones seen on the wreath are what I like to call loden green, it is an Austrian color that is very popular throughout the holiday season.

Thread paddle wire in 1-foot long pieces through the ornaments. Then wrap the wire around the wreath and twist to connect and secure. You can also feed the evergreen wreath branch through the ornament top and twist to secure. Don’t stress about where you place the ornaments, just strew all through the wreath, both in clusters and as individuals. Smaller ornaments look great if you secure several together and then secure to the wreath.

My tricks to evergreen care are some easy steps you can follow. First, make sure you soak your green’s stems in a bucket of water at least overnight but preferably for 24 hours. Throughout the season, spray with a mist of water weekly or twice a week to keep fresh. The greenery can become “crispy” or dry throughout the season. Lastly, spray with green glo to give it a gorgeous shine and it will last much longer. These tips and tricks can be applied to any holiday greens, even your garlands and tree!

I love finding new ideas for wreaths and holiday décor! What are your go-to colors? Try picking one color and using several different hues of the same color! I cannot wait to see how friends and family decorate for Christmas! Share your photos with me on Facebook or Instagram! Happy Holidays from the Carmen Johnston Gardens Family!