Fall Cornhusk Wreath DIY

This didn’t go as planned BUT it doesn’t mean it’s a lost cause!

Image Courtesy of Vintage Home Design

Across social media and blog posts cornhusk wreaths are becoming more and more popular. They are a fun and festive way to utilize materials that might go to waste. These wreaths can be quite stunning and some of them get super large! Search #cornhuskwreath on Instagram to see some truly gorgeous ones! There are great videos and blogs across the web and after reading a number of these, I decided to try to make one myself! I gathered all the materials and set out to create something new. However, not all DIYs can be a hit! This one was a total fail for me! Now many people have posted about it so there is definitely some success across the web, but I just did not have any success with this project. That being said, don’t write it off as a failure for you too! Some people really do make beautiful wreaths so please, give it a try! Here are some step by step instructions I’ve pulled from a few sites and a list of ingredients!

  • Large bunches of dried cornhusks (sometimes you can get these free at local hardware stores)
  • A metal wreath frame or metal hanger bent into a ring
  • Wire clippers
  • Paddle wire or twine

Check out this YouTube video for a successful tutorial!


  1. Secure bunches of the dried cornhusks with the paddle wire until you have a couple dozen of these bunches
  2. Secure them to the wreath frame with paddle wire and twine
  3. Do a layer all the way around the frame and then continue to add layers on top until you have a thick layer of cornhusks.
  4. Voila! This DIY should be super easy, but I just couldn’t get the hang of it. I hope you can!

I really hope to hear from some of you if you made this amazing wreath! I wish I could have put one together, but I just did not have the knack for it. Do you? Try the DIY and let me know how it turns out! I hope it works for you! DM or message me your success or fail! I cannot wait to see!