DIY: Creating an Indoor Herb Garden

All you need to know for an easy and useful indoor herb garden.

Lots of people ask me about herb gardens and I’m excited to share with you my tips and tricks for growing herbs. I love to use my herbs in the kitchen, in my tea, and in my hair as I’ll reveal in this post!

To begin, I’d like to share my 10 Herb Garden Must-Do’s, in no particular order:

1. Plant each herb individually. A common mistake is to plant all of your herbs in the same pot. Each plant likes their own growing conditions and they don’t do well in the same home.

2. Vary your pots and herb sizes. Variety in shapes and sizes will give your indoor garden that collected feel. I am a self-proclaimed terra cotta pot hoarder! I love to pick up vintage terra cotta pots with that fantastic patina at local antique stores or wherever I can get my hands on them. They make beautiful homes for indoor herbs. Of course don’t bother looking at the terra cotta pot if it doesn’t have the all-important DRAINAGE.

3. Full sun is so important. At least 6 hours of sunlight is what your indoor garden needs so find a sunny spot in your home for your herbs to live.

4. Indoor gardens need some time outdoors. Plants need fresh air every few weeks. If you live in a colder zone, look for a quick “break” in the weather” and give them a few hours outside.

5. Good potting soil is a worthwhile investment. Go cheap on some things, but not on your soil! Your plants will thank you for it and it will make a difference in your indoor garden. My favorite potting soil is Fafard and I’ve linked it here.

6. Find a great plate to go underneath each of your pots. I’ve used china but vintage plates or some copper square plates, as pictured, also work great. I’ve linked the plates here. Don’t just place them on the table as the water will leak onto your table or ruin your tablecloth.

7. Herbs love a good “Java Jolt”!! With my leftover black coffee in the morning – I pour ther remainder of the pot in my herbs. They love the acidity and will grow well for you after a little java jolt.

8. Shower your herbs! A good rinse in the sink or shower gives them a good drink and drain and it also cleans off any dust or critters on the leaves.

9. Go big or go home! I like to purchase my herbs in larger containers. Seedlings are more needy and don’t yield enough herb for immediate use. Also, don’t be afraid, before you buy your herbs – take them out of the container and check out their root system.

10. Dress up your pots with moss if you’re so inclined but there’s no real need for moss beyond your aesthetic preference. I like to see the raw dirt but moss can add a nice texture too. Have fun with it!

Here are a few of my favorite herbs to use in my indoor garden:

Thyme is a must in my herb garden for cocktails, entertaining, and cooking and I especially love English Thyme as it’s petite and its fragrance is so yummy.

Lavender Santolina is a great petite herb that has a fantastic shape. I love to boil my lavender and enjoy the scent in my home and I also love to rinse my hair after a shampoo and condition it to make it smell fantastic!

Sage, with it’s silvery light green leaves and a warm musky smell is another must-have in my indoor garden.

Golden Lemon Thyme has a beautiful yellow variegation in the colder months and the scent is fantastic.

I hope you try an indoor garden of any size to enjoy the scents and benefits of each herb. There is really no wrong way to do it but I hope you’ve found these tips useful. What’s your “must-have” herb in your garden? Leave me a comment below or on Facebook or Instagram @carmenjohnstongardens. As always, thanks for reading!