A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to lead a floral class and teach a wonderful group of ladies my favorite arrangement tips and tricks. Every year the Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl holds a charity golf tournament at Lake Oconee for NCAA coaches, professional golfers, and celebrities. The Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl Challenge has given a total $8.4 million to charities since its beginning in 2007. As the coaches and others play across the course, their wives are invited to attend various events and luncheons as the weekend commences. This year we were asked to lead a floral class for the wives and got to spend several wonderful hours creating arrangements, developing friendships, and eating delicious food! 

The arrangements were so fun and easy to put together that I wanted to share them with you!  We used simple and elegant glass vases for this arrangement- you can find a similar one online here. They work best to group several of the vases together! Below we have written out our instructions for the breakaway arrangement and have included images of the types of flowers we used. Also, you can find a gallery of images from our event below.  

Recipe for a breakaway arrangement:

  1. Braid mini lavender callas. Place one on each end of the 4-tube vase and wrap
  2. Weave the curly willow – place on either end and wrap around the vase (Remember this does not need to be perfect…just stuff and shove 😉)
  3. Fill the vase with water
  4. Anchor the ends with mini green hydrangeas
  5. Anchor the center with roses: 4 pink mondial, 3 white vendela, and 3 lavender cool water
  6. Layer 3 pink or purple sweet peas, 3 double pink or purple Lisanthus, and 3-4 yellow or pink tulips.  Remember to remove the foliage and peel back like a banana …it helps the stuff and shove process 😉
  7. Extend the arrangements. Place 2 long pieces of mini clematis one on each end
  8. Fill your two tube vases with water
  9. Anchor the end of the break-away arrangements using your 2-tube vases with flowers like ranunculus (Clooney ranunculus), roses, or tulips.  Nestle your clematis between the vases.  I also love to use confederate jasmine growing from my garden if I can’t find clematis.  
  10. And don’t forget the mint! It always adds a refreshing element to any floral arrangement. 
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