The Best Plants and Flowers to Buy For Valentine’s Day

6 great plants for gift-giving and tips on how to care for each

Do you want to know what to get your special someone for Valentines Day? Well, you know I’m going to go with plants or flowers! They are some of my favorite gift ideas! I want to share with you a few of my favorite flowers to give this holiday! If you are looking for some gift ideas, here is a place to start! Also, quick tip, all the flowers listed below I found at my local grocery store! I like to call them my supermarket solution flowers!


I adore hydrangeas! They come in several gorgeous hues like, pink, blue, and purple! To keep hydrangeas fresh, submerge completely underwater overnight in the sink, let them dry, and they will last for days!


Alstroemeria is simply stunning and these flowers last for weeks! They are symbolic of friendship, so if you are looking for some flowers to brighten up a friend’s Valentines, alstroemeria should be your go to!


You can never go wrong with tulips! Yellow tulips symbolize friendship and white tulips mean good luck! Each tulip color has a special and important meaning that can make gift giving so much more meaningful! Cut tulips in a vase can grow up to an inch every day! My trick to keeping them at an even height is to take your fingernail and slightly press into the stem to stunt the growth. This creates a bruise and all the plants energy will go to healing the bruise rather than growing.


Anthurium is wonderful for Valentines because the flowers are shaped like hearts! Also, this plant lasts forever! It’s also known as lace leaf or flamingo flower.


Here in Georgia, these beautiful yellow flowers sprout up everywhere! We live in the middle of a pecan orchard and have these blossoms all over the place. They also have a wonderful fragrance. Bunch 20 together lightly and they make a fabulous bouquet.


Don’t let its blossoms fool you, kalanchoe is actually in the succulent family! They come in a variety of colors like orange, pink, red, white, and yellow. They bloom in response to the length of day light. Let the soil dry between waterings, as they do not like wet feet.

Cut flowers are wonderful but don’t forget about potted plants! They can last up to 2-3 weeks, much longer than a vase of flowers. But be careful not to overwater! Using the tip of your finger, perform what I like to call the finger test and touch the soil. If the soil is damp, don’t water the plant! If it’s dry, give it a little drink! These plants and flowers are great for you to give to friends, husbands, wives, and your loved ones for Valentines Day!