10 Minute Thanksgiving Centerpiece

An easy, quick, and beautiful way to elevate your Thanksgiving table decor.

Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away and with all the stress the holidays can bring, I want to share a quick 10-minute Thanksgiving Centerpiece that will elevate your dinner table to new heights. The centerpiece as a whole might look complicated but once we break it down, you will have a whole new way to dress up for the holidays! Try using colors that you wouldn’t typically see as “fall” shades, like coral and lime and pair with deep greens and fall reds. Most of the décor can be found at your local grocery story or craft store and you can find a lot of the inspiration on our Amazon idea list here!

What you’ll need:

  • Ornamental cabbages
  • Caramel watermelon heuchera
  • Any fall color roses
  • Pyra canthus branches
  • Dried putka pod mini pumpkins
  • Small pinecones
  • Dried decorative limes (click for link to website)
  • “Personality” containers, 5 medium, 5 small, and 5 extra small
  • Okatsune scissors
  • Fall tablecloth
  • Place settings; plates, napkins, silverware, glasses, etc…

Choose a vibrant tablecloth that can tie in with several aspects of your centerpiece. For my table, I chose a coral cloth with an apricot table runner. My table runner is actually sewn into the tablecloth! It makes set up so much easier! I actually set my tablecloth out several days in advance instead of ironing to let gravity take care of all of the wrinkles! The plants I use include ornamental cabbages, caramel watermelon heuchera, any fall colored roses, and pyra canthus branches. The decorative pieces are dried limes, dried putka pod mini pumpkins, and small pinecones. These are just some suggestions, make your table yours with the plants and décor you already have or can find locally. The key is to combine live plants, cut plants, and decorative pieces across the table.

Give your plants a good drink before getting started! This will allow them to stay fresh without having to water them daily. Start by gathering your materials! Ornamental cabbages can even be found at your local grocery store! Just stuff and shove into some gorgeous containers and top dress with some moss. These red plants are gorgeous caramel watermelon heuchera. I love using these because as the weather gets colder the brighter the hue gets! I think everyone should own what I call personality driven containers, ones that you can use for a number of occasions and go with almost everything! Mine are these ceramic pots with a beautiful gold inlay. I have used these for so many weddings and other events I have put together.

I start with a large cabbage in the center and layer in the heuchera in a zig zag pattern. There is no right or wrong way to do this! I always use odd numbers of containers because it gives a better look to the overall design. I then nestle containers of rosebuds throughout the cabbages and heuchera. It helps to use zip ties to secure the rose stems together before putting into vases. I like to weave pyra canthus branches in-between the vases. You have to be careful with these branches because they do have thorns but with some careful handling, they are well worth it. I love to layer in with some greenery throughout to add some softness to the overall design.

I always try to add a contrasting color to my centerpieces, and this is where the dried limes come in. They have a gorgeous green color that will brighten up the whole design! Just scatter them all across the table to add variety in the texture. I do the same with mini pinecones and the putka pod mini pumpkins, nestle them throughout the table and they add a natural look to the florals.  If your event is in the evening, add some candles to lighten up and add a soft edge to the flowers. This whole centerpiece can last for 3-4 days and then the cabbages and heuchera can be planted outside when you are done!

When setting your table, use a combination of chargers with plates to give a great texture to your plating. Invest in a set of flatware to use for various occasions, along with glasses or goblets to accent your table. I love my flatware set with bamboo handles and the wicker chargers I have that add a lot of great texture and accent the table cloth well. Cloth napkins will really take your table to the next level as well! Find a signature fold and add some name cards and you should be set!

Thanksgiving is such a beautiful time for family to come together and celebrate all that we have to be thankful for. With family coming into your home, you want to dress your table to impress and this tutorial will help you achieve that goal! Just remember to make it your own and find the plants that bring out the most in your décor. Happy decorating!