1. The polaroid camera is back and I can’t think of a better accessory to take into the new year. This Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera from Urban Outfitters is perfect for capturing all those soon-to-be memories in 2015. Order one today and get ready to experience all the instant memory-making magic that the modern polaroid camera has to offer.

2. Need some inspiration for all your 2015 travel plans? Look no further than this stunning Travel the World Wall Calendar from Rifle Paper Company.

3. I am always encouraging you all to be on the look out for fresh, FREE greenery wherever you go. That is why my third recommended item for 2015 is this stylish pair of Garden Scissors from Shop Terrain.

4. Keep track of all your big ideas, dreams, goals, doodles, etc. with this “THE GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENER” Notebook from Kate Spade.

5. This past year I have really fallen in love with coconut water, which is why I am suggesting you give it a try too. Harmless Harvest offers you products that are 100% organic and that is 100% okay with me.

Happy New Year, everyone! Let’s show 2015 what we are made of!

There is nothing like a home-cooked meal to give you some serious Christmas spirit. That is why I was so thrilled to find this incredibly delicious recipe for collard cobbler from Food & Wine. In order to shorten the prep time (as well as your shopping list) I made a few minor changes. Instead of making the cornmeal biscuits from scratch, I substituted it for Pillsbury pie crust. I also added a block of cream cheese and a pack of ham seasoning to the collards because cream cheese can make anything green taste good. The rest of the ingredients are exactly the same.

1. Step One: Slice bacon and then cook in a large pot for 8 minutes. Next, remove bacon from the pot saving the fat for step two. © 2013 | Haley Sheffield | www.haleysheffield.com2. Step Two: Slice onion, mince garlic, and then add both to the bacon fat to cook for 6 minutes.© 2013 | Haley Sheffield | www.haleysheffield.com© 2013 | Haley Sheffield | www.haleysheffield.com3. Step Three: Cut an andouille sausage into halves and then add to the bacon fat along with the cooked bacon.© 2013 | Haley Sheffield | www.haleysheffield.com4. Step Four: Add 3 cups of Chicken Stock to the bacon fat mixture and bring to a boil.© 2013 | Haley Sheffield | www.haleysheffield.com5. Step Five: Add the collards one batch at a time. Cover the mixture and let simmer on low for 30 minutes. Go ahead and preheat the over to 375°.© 2013 | Haley Sheffield | www.haleysheffield.com6. Step Six: Cut the pie crust into 2 inch squares. © 2013 | Haley Sheffield | www.haleysheffield.com© 2013 | Haley Sheffield | www.haleysheffield.com7. Step Seven: Add 1 cup of half and half to collards and bring to a boil. Then add cornstarch and stir for 2 minutes, or until thick. © 2013 | Haley Sheffield | www.haleysheffield.com8. Step Eight: Remove collards from pot and place in a large glass casserole dish. Cover with pie crust squares then add a thin layer of half and half before baking in the oven for 50 minutes.

This recipe is amazing! The greens make it look healthy but it taste absolutely sinful.

Happy Holidays!

I hope that you will enjoy the time spent with family and friends while also allowing yourself to indulge a little too.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I could not be more excited! Such a special time of year that highlights our loved-ones and reminds us all to be thankful for what we do have instead of worried about what we don’t. I absolutely love this holiday and I am looking forward to spending it with those I love.

Thanksgiving, for most of us, means only one thing–food! Lots and lots of food. Turkey, cranberry sauce, sweet potato casserole–the list goes on and on. But why not surprise your loved ones with an extra special treat at the end of the night? Give your out of town visitors a snack for the ride home. You can use brown paper bags, miniature glass jars, or whatever else you want. Make your own snacks or buy your favorites from the store. This is a simple way to say ‘thanks’ as your guests are walking out the door.


Happy Holidays!

November is the month for giving thanks and during this month of gratitude it is important to remember that actions do, in fact, speak louder than words. That is why I love this little reminder from our former president, John F. Kennedy: “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” I am also reminded of the quote by Pierre Reverdy: “There is no love; there are only proofs of love.” In order to express our gratitude and our love we must show it, not simply say it. We must also remember to be grateful throughout the entirety of each year and not just in the month of November.


Happy (Almost) Thanksgiving!

Hello, trick-or-treaters! Tonight is the night for all things spooky and if you are the hostess this Halloween, or if you are celebrating solo, this is the drink for you. All you need is aged rum (1.5 oz), fresh lemon juice (0.75 oz), simple syrup (0.75), red wine (0.75), and one stick of cinnamon.





fourSo what makes this cocktail so creepy? Red Rum spelled backwards is “Murder” and it doesn’t get more creepy than that. Talk about trick or treat!

What are your favorite tricks and treats for Halloween?


While there are several signs that mark this beautiful season we are in, nothing says ‘autumn has arrived’ quite like a porch full of pumpkins. However, carving pumpkins can be a pain, and not everyone is a master with a carving knife. So, what to do? Well, being the garden expert that I am, naturally, my “no-carve” solution involves plants. While this DIY pumpkin planter is not completely carve-free, it is a whole lot easier to achieve and, in my humble opinion, a lot easier on the eyes as well. With four simple materials and in four simple steps you will have the perfect, pumpkin planter for your porch.

materials-diy-pumpkinFirst, cut around the stem of your pumpkin, just like you normally would, making a hole large enough for your plant to fit into. Then, if you want, spray paint your pumpkin a fun, fall color. I chose copper for mine. After the paint has dried, choose your favorite, fall quote and use a paint pen to write it out onto your pumpkin. (Tip: If you know someone who is gifted at calligraphy, enlist their help!)quote pumpkinThen, simply plant your flowers just like you would in a normal planter.plant pumpkinEasy, right? And now your porch is the perfect picture of fall.pumpkin porch“Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.”

-George Eliot

I am a big believer in having a garden that is not only lovely to look at, but that is useful as well. I cannot say enough how beneficial an herb garden can be. There are so many practical ways to put everything from rosemary to mint to good use. One of my absolute favorite things to grow, however, is lavender. Not only does lavender look gorgeous growing in your garden, it seems as though there isn’t anything lavender cannot do. From homemade beauty products to a variety of drinks and desserts, lavender adds something special to everything it touches. That is why I have put together this list. And let me tell you, lavender has never looked so good!

1. Lavender and Honey Marshmallows via A Beautiful Mess

2. Lavender Bouquet via Rustic Wedding Chic

3. Lavender Oatmeal Tub Tea via Evermine Blog

4. Lavender Shortbread Cookies via Mountain Mama Cooks

5. Lavender and Rosemary Wreath via Sarah the Architect

6. Lavender Lip Balm via Martha Stewart

7. Lavender Linen Spray via Hello Natural

8. Lavender Honey Crepe Cake via The House That Lars Built
lavender8What are some of your favorite ways to put lavender to good use?

As they say, all good things must come to an end, and summer will be over before you know it. With just a few weeks left for summer fun, it’s time to take out that to-do list you made at the beginning of the summer and start making some marks. If you don’t have a to-list of your own, try a few items on mine. I’ve already crossed these off. Tag—you’re it!



© 2013 | Haley Sheffield | www.haleysheffield.com

© 2013 | Haley Sheffield | www.haleysheffield.com


© 2013 | Haley Sheffield | www.haleysheffield.com

Best of luck!

Staying hydrated has never tasted so good! I have been a fan of infused water for a while now and I am so happy to see something so healthy trending on the web. It is extremely important that we drink enough water throughout the day, but with so many other choices out there it is difficult to make the right one. By infusing water with your favorite fruits and herbs, you can make it as enjoyable as it is good for you. My favorite part about infusing water is that there is no wrong way to do it. It is an ongoing experiment and you can constantly try out new things. For todays post, I tried out three new recipes and one of them has become my new favorite.

© 2013 | Haley Sheffield | www.haleysheffield.com© 2013 | Haley Sheffield | www.haleysheffield.com

© 2013 | Haley Sheffield | www.haleysheffield.com
© 2013 | Haley Sheffield | www.haleysheffield.com

© 2013 | Haley Sheffield | www.haleysheffield.com
© 2013 | Haley Sheffield | www.haleysheffield.com

After allowing the water to sit for a little while, I tested all three and discovered that the lemon and lavender was my absolute favorite. The grapefruit, cucumber, and mint combination was too strong for my taste, while the watermelon, blueberry, and lemon thyme was too subtle. Ironically enough, I had thought that I would like the lemon and lavender least of all three, but the refreshing combination was unbelievably delicious.

If you have any infused water success stories—or failures—I would love to hear all about it! Feel free to comment and share below.

As women, we are constantly searching for the next best thing in beauty. Whether it’s for our hair, skin, or nails, we are always looking for ways to update and improve our routine. As a gardener, I am constantly searching for ways to utilize my garden in my every day life. Homemade beauty products are such a blessing, for both your budget and your body, and this rosemary and mint hair rinse is one of my most favorite discoveries yet.

All you need is a few sprigs of rosemary and mint, a metal colander, and a large pot.

© 2013 | Haley Sheffield | www.haleysheffield.com© 2013 | Haley Sheffield | www.haleysheffield.com© 2013 | Haley Sheffield | www.haleysheffield.com© 2013 | Haley Sheffield | www.haleysheffield.com

Then, in just four simple steps, you are ready to rinse.

1. Fill the pot with water and place the sprigs of rosemary and mint inside the colander.

2. Place the colander on top of the pot so that the sprigs touch the water.

3. Boil the water for 5 minutes. Then, let it sit for another 5 minutes to cool.

4. After your regular wash routine, simply pour the rinse over your scalp for a long-lasting clean scent and fresh feeling!