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Gardening has and always will be my passion, however, even stronger than my love for gardening is the love I have for this man right here. Recent events concerning my husband’s health have inspired me to share some heart healthy recipes instead of my usual garden-related posts. The last few weeks have been difficult, to […]

I have another fabulous gardening book for you all today. “The Layered Garden” by David L. Culp is a key ingredient in my collection, one that every gardener needs. I am often an advocate for breaking the rules when it comes to gardening, but layers are to gardening what salt is to cooking–add a little […]

Happy June, everyone! Spring has already sprung, summer is about to begin, and this green thumb gal is ready to spend some quality time in the sun. Today I am sharing with you my secret for healthy skin that is sun-kissed skin, but not burnt or blemished. 1. This pore perfecting facial polish by bliss […]

Today I am taking you back to the basics–the basics of container gardening, that is. You probably know by now how passionate I am about this type of gardening. The reason being that it is so darn simple! I want anyone and everyone to know that they can have a garden and it doesn’t have […]

I am all about practical gardening books, like Heirloom Fruits & Vegetables and On Garden Style. However, my reason for sharing today’s gardening book is all about the gardener’s unique and innovative designs. Whenever I feel stuck or uninspired in my work, the images in Nicolai Bergmann’s Florescence gives me all the permission I need […]

Calling all home/garden/food bloggers! I am so excited to be apart of the upcoming VIP preview for the Nashville Symphony Show House and garden party taking place on Wednesday, June 10th from 10 a.m. until noon. It is going to be an incredible day. As always, it will be a pleasure working with Southern Living, […]

I would like to take a moment to wish all the mothers out there a Happy Mother’s Day weekend! I hope you enjoy your day. Be sure to soak up all that special love! Here are a few gift ideas for that wonderful woman you love. 1. You can’t go wrong with a Rifle Paper […]

It has been a long while since I shared one of my favorite gardening books with all of you and I thought today was the perfect day to post the next one on my list. I already shared with you my nostalgic connection to Bunny Williams’s “On Garden Style” and about my coffee table classic, […]

Since I was a little girl I have always admired the different garden styles, but the Southern style garden has always been my favorite. A Southern garden is a place to relax, a place to sit back and slow down. When I found this sweet, Southern gem I just knew I had to share it […]

My dear friend, Andrea Crawford of Couture House Interiors, created this incredible piece and I just had to share it with all of you. Such an inspiring idea! Seriously, I fall more in love with gardening every day! Just take a look at this fountain full of succulents and you will be smitten too. Materials […]

One of the best things about spring and summer is bringing all those fresh blooms indoors! Today I want to show you how to make a stunning centerpiece for your kitchen table using some snips ‘n’ clips from your spring garden. Materials Needed: Bucket of water Hydrangeas Fresh mint Hosta leaves Lady Banks 3 glass […]

This is one of my favorite gardening projects. This DIY herb garden is both beautiful and practical. It is an herb garden and patio table in one! And it is super easy to make! Materials Needed: Iron table top Strawberry jar 2 bags of bark 2 bags of soil Rosemary and Thyme Bubblegum Petunia and […]

Are we talking about summer plants already? Spring has just started, but time will surely fly! Summer is such a fun time to experiment with colors. For today’s container garden, the colors will both soothe and excite. I am using a vibrant green paired with a calming combination of lavender and white. I like to […]

It is that time of year again when front yards become the talk of the town. It is like a fashion show of flowers for everyone to see! Want to give your neighbor’s something pretty to look at? Here’s how… 1. Double or Nothing! Use two pots–a 12″ and a 14″–and fill both with soil. […]

It should be fairly obvious, based on the majority of my posts, that I love planting gorgeous foliage and flowers. However, I also have an interest in edible gardens as well. Last year, I started a vegetable garden but then failed to maintain it. What can I say? This green thumb gal jus got a […]

The South has been blessed by an early wave of warm weather and I am so excited to begin planting! If you really want to embrace this incredible spring we are having, I have the perfect plant combination planned just for you. Materials Needed: 1. Large mandevilla 2. 4″ creeping jenny 3. 4″ blue fan […]

Today is Good Friday, which means that this Sunday is Easter! It is almost time for that special day spent with family and friends. While a kid on Easter looks forward to scavenging the yard in hopes of finding that one special egg, an adult on Easter mostly just looks forward to sitting down and […]

This post could also be titled, Easter On My Mind. Seriously, I am so excited for this pastel party to begin. I just could not resist creating a container garden inspired by a traditional Easter egg. Ingredients: 2 Sweet Broom (Yellow) 6 Candytuft (White) 4 Phlox (Purple) Borrowed branches (I am not sure what the […]

  1. How adorable is this ‘Seven Smooches’ Bunny Hand Puppet from Barney’s? If I’ve learned anything about kids it’s that they love to put on a show, which makes this hand puppet perfect for your kid’s Easter basket this year. 2. From what I remember, decorating the Easter eggs was just as much fun […]

Easter is a very special holiday. Unlike other holidays, I love that the focus is not on presents or decor. However, this green thumb gal cannot resist an opportunity to create something special for a holiday so near and dear to her heart. It does not have to take a lot of time or money […]