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This is one of my favorite gardening projects. This DIY herb garden is both beautiful and practical. It is an herb garden and patio table in one! And it is super easy to make! Materials Needed: Iron table top Strawberry jar 2 bags of bark 2 bags of soil Rosemary and Thyme Bubblegum Petunia and […]

Are we talking about summer plants already? Spring has just started, but time will surely fly! Summer is such a fun time to experiment with colors. For today’s container garden, the colors will both soothe and excite. I am using a vibrant green paired with a calming combination of lavender and white. I like to […]

It is that time of year again when front yards become the talk of the town. It is like a fashion show of flowers for everyone to see! Want to give your neighbor’s something pretty to look at? Here’s how… 1. Double or Nothing! Use two pots–a 12″ and a 14″–and fill both with soil. […]

It should be fairly obvious, based on the majority of my posts, that I love planting gorgeous foliage and flowers. However, I also have an interest in edible gardens as well. Last year, I started a vegetable garden but then failed to maintain it. What can I say? This green thumb gal jus got a […]

The South has been blessed by an early wave of warm weather and I am so excited to begin planting! If you really want to embrace this incredible spring we are having, I have the perfect plant combination planned just for you. Materials Needed: 1. Large mandevilla 2. 4″ creeping jenny 3. 4″ blue fan […]

Today is Good Friday, which means that this Sunday is Easter! It is almost time for that special day spent with family and friends. While a kid on Easter looks forward to scavenging the yard in hopes of finding that one special egg, an adult on Easter mostly just looks forward to sitting down and […]

This post could also be titled, Easter On My Mind. Seriously, I am so excited for this pastel party to begin. I just could not resist creating a container garden inspired by a traditional Easter egg. Ingredients: 2 Sweet Broom (Yellow) 6 Candytuft (White) 4 Phlox (Purple) Borrowed branches (I am not sure what the […]

  1. How adorable is this ‘Seven Smooches’ Bunny Hand Puppet from Barney’s? If I’ve learned anything about kids it’s that they love to put on a show, which makes this hand puppet perfect for your kid’s Easter basket this year. 2. From what I remember, decorating the Easter eggs was just as much fun […]

Easter is a very special holiday. Unlike other holidays, I love that the focus is not on presents or decor. However, this green thumb gal cannot resist an opportunity to create something special for a holiday so near and dear to her heart. It does not have to take a lot of time or money […]

Green thumb or not, these 5 plants are great for anyone interested in gardening. They practically take care of themselves! 1. Angelina Sedum This bright, chartreuse plant loves to be in the sun and was definitely made for the spring and summer months. It is perfect for softening up the edges of container gardens and […]

If you have kept up with my blog lately then you know that I can’t stop talking about spring. What can I say? I’m a sucker for this season! I am also aware, however, that Jack Frost might make an appearance very soon. Jack Frost is bad news here in the South. He is the […]

Today’s post combines two of my favorite things: innovative Easter baskets and fresh strawberries for spring. Every time I go to the grocery store right now, those fresh, Florida strawberries are calling my name. Have you heard the call too? If so, this post is definitely for you! With Easter right around the corner, I […]

As you all know, spring is here! I’m sure that many of you are headed out of town for spring break and I want to make sure that you don’t come home to house full of dead plants. Here’s how it’s done: 1. Invest in some water globes. They are a life saver–a plant life […]

Wow! Time has flown by way too fast. Six years ago feels like yesterday and it was our first time in Southern Living. And let me tell you, it was definitely a team effort. Everything was staged for the shoot when the heavens decided to break loose and inches of rain fell everywhere. Our dear […]

Spring is finally here! Today is the first official day and I could not be more excited about it. I am also beyond thrilled to announce that… *drum roll* My container gardens are on the cover of Southern Living for April. For this green thumb gal, that is a dream come true. This is how […]

Can you believe it? Today is the final day of our countdown, which means… Tomorrow is the first official day of spring! It also means that I will be sharing some very exciting news. Tomorrow’s post will also be full of color so we are going to keep it on the simple side today. Ingredients: […]

We are in the final countdown, everyone! Tomorrow I will share one final garden recipe for spring and then on Friday we can finally celebrate the change in seasons. Boy oh boy, do I have a surprise for you! What better way to celebrate the first day of spring than with some exciting news, huh? […]

For today’s container garden we are keeping it green. Why? Happy St. Patrick’s Day, that’s why! Well, we are adding a few hints of purple, but I can never resist a bold pop of color. Last spring I was able to work with Caitlin Moran of GlitterGuide. We had a blast creating this centerpiece together […]

Today I want to tell you my dirty, little secret. Have you ever heard of a five finger discount? Well, I use it almost everyday. It’s true, I do! Plants can be pretty pricey and this green thumb gal is not opposed to stealing some blooms…from Mother Nature, that is. There are so many free […]

Once again, I am thinking pink. I just love the way this color works in the garden. Whether it is a soft, feminine tint, or a bold, bright shade, every container garden looks pretty in pink. I am also in hydrangea heaven today. Seriously, I would fill every square inch of my yard with these […]

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