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Happy New Year, everyone! Let’s show 2015 what we are made of!

There is nothing like a home-cooked meal to give you some serious Christmas spirit. That is why I was so thrilled to find this incredibly delicious recipe for collard cobbler from Food & Wine. In order to shorten the prep time (as well as your shopping list) I made a few minor changes. Instead of making the cornmeal biscuits from scratch, I substituted it for Pillsbury pie crust. I also added a block of cream cheese and a pack of ham seasoning to the collards because cream cheese can make anything green taste good. The rest of the ingredients are exactly the same.

1. Step One: Slice bacon and then cook in a large pot for 8 minutes. Next, remove bacon from the pot saving the fat for step two. © 2013 | Haley Sheffield | www.haleysheffield.com2. Step Two: Slice onion, mince garlic, and then add both to the bacon fat to cook for 6 minutes.© 2013 | Haley Sheffield | www.haleysheffield.com© 2013 | Haley Sheffield | www.haleysheffield.com3. Step Three: Cut an andouille sausage into halves and then add to the bacon fat along with the cooked bacon.© 2013 | Haley Sheffield | www.haleysheffield.com4. Step Four: Add 3 cups of Chicken Stock to the bacon fat mixture and bring to a boil.© 2013 | Haley Sheffield | www.haleysheffield.com5. Step Five: Add the collards one batch at a time. Cover the mixture and let simmer on low for 30 minutes. Go ahead and preheat the over to 375°.© 2013 | Haley Sheffield | www.haleysheffield.com6. Step Six: Cut the pie crust into 2 inch squares. © 2013 | Haley Sheffield | www.haleysheffield.com© 2013 | Haley Sheffield | www.haleysheffield.com7. Step Seven: Add 1 cup of half and half to collards and bring to a boil. Then add cornstarch and stir for 2 minutes, or until thick. © 2013 | Haley Sheffield | www.haleysheffield.com8. Step Eight: Remove collards from pot and place in a large glass casserole dish. Cover with pie crust squares then add a thin layer of half and half before baking in the oven for 50 minutes.

This recipe is amazing! The greens make it look healthy but it taste absolutely sinful.

Happy Holidays!

I hope that you will enjoy the time spent with family and friends while also allowing yourself to indulge a little too.