How to Take Your Plants from Centerpiece to Container (Video Tutorial)

There is nothing quite like using live plants for a centerpiece. During Easter week, we created a live ‘n’ luscious centerpiece using Spanish Lavender, Creeping Jenny, Lemon Butter Ferns, and Kale. (Hint: ‘Like’ Carmen Johnston Gardens on Facebook for more live video tutorials!) Yesterday, we replanted that very same centerpiece into a few different containers. Amazing, right? Freshly cut flowers are beautiful, but they would have been dead weeks ago. You can enjoy this live centerpiece (and our live videos) all spring and summer!

Materials Needed:
– Medium to large container
– 1-2 bags of good potting soil
– Spanish Lavender
– Creeping Jenny
– Variegated Swedish Ivy (Optional)
– Lantana (Optional)

– Fill your pot with soil about 2 or 3 inches below the rim. I like to use smaller plastic containers in the bottom of my pot to help with drainage and to keep your pot light. Packing peanuts or pinecones are great for this, but you can always just fill your pot completely with soil.
– Add your plants, arranging them in the shape of a triangle. I love to stuff ‘n’ shove my containers full of plants, but you could absolutely make a stunning container garden with Lavender and Creeping Jenny alone. For more tips and trips on plant placement, watch the video below!
– Lastly, be sure to water your container every 2-3 days.



I know what you’re probably thinking–What about the ferns? Don’t worry, we’re not wasting a single thing! The Lemon Butter Ferns don’t enjoy the sun quite as much as the other plants do, however, they make really great indoor plants, and could also work on a covered porch.


How lovely is this blue and white pot? Chinoiserie is a design after my own heart. It looks especially nice against the orange of the accent table.

Watch the video below for tips on how to water your outdoor containers.

As you have probably noticed by now, we are currently excited about all things live–from centerpieces to the new video feature on Facebook. If you want to follow along, subscribe to our videos and receive notifications whenever we go live. We look forward to chatting with you about all things green and growing throughout this spectacular season!

Carmen Johnston
wirtten by: Carmen Johnston
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