7 Stylish Containers for Your Plants this Spring

7 Stylish Containers for Your Plants this Spring
One of the things I look forward to most every spring is finding new containers for my plants. Every year I am so excited to see how designers update containers with fresh new colors, repurpose older designs, or reinvent them completely. While you want your plants to be the star of the show, a great container can really set the stage for them to shine. Just check out these 7 stylish containers I have added to my must-have list for this spring.
This is such a classic look in my opinion. And I love that they come in different sizes too!
The natural look of cedar is a great complement to any plant, especially a plant with a bright, bold color.
How gorgeous is this planter? And it can obviously serve several other purposes later on, including housing your towels by the pool.
I have always been a fan of using tin containers as a contrast to the feminine look of whatever flowers you choose. This planter also has wheels, which is definitely a plus!
While this is clearly not a container, it is certainly a great way to put all your current containers on display. I adore the eclectic feel of all these different pots and plants grouped together.
Talk about classic! I would love to have two of these beauties on either side of my entryway as a way to frame my front door.
  7 Stylish Containers for Your Plants this Spring 8
Wall planters are such a fun way to bring life to an otherwise bare wall. And I’m convinced that the industrial-look will never go out of style.

I am so excited to continue growing my container collection this spring, because I truly believe you can never have too many. I am always on the lookout for new ways to display my plants. Comment below and let me know what new containers you are excited to use this spring, or what oldies-but-goodies you look forward to bringing back each year.

Happy almost spring, everyone! This green-thumb gal can’t wait!

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  1. 1 year ago

    I love metal containers and I’m really loving that metal wall container, I’m going to have to find a couple of those.
    I can’t wait to start planting my containers, but around here the rule of thumb is usually the 1st of May or Derby Day. Your flowers are so pretty, it just makes me that much more impatient.

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